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Microsoft Excel 2007 Introduction - Course outline
Duration One Day
Objectives Delegates will learn the basics of creating, editing, and saving worksheets. They will work with formulas and functions to calculate and return values. Delegates will learn to change the appearance of a page, including adding headers and footers, format data and create charts.
Who should attend Those with little or no experience of spreadsheet concepts who require a basic introduction to Excel.
Experience needed Delegates should have reasonable mouse and keyboard skills, and should be comfortable working with Windows applications.

Excel Fundamentals
Starting Excel
The Worksheet and the Workbook
Identifying Parts of the Screen
Identifying the Ribbon Components
The Quick Access Toolbar
The Mini Toolbar
Creating a New Workbook
Opening a Workbook
Getting Help

Selecting Cells
Selecting a Range of Cells
Selecting Nonadjacent Cells and Ranges
Selecting an Entire Worksheet

Entering and Editing Data
Entering Text Data into a Cell
Entering Data into a Range
Editing Data on the Worksheet
Editing the Data in a Cell
Deleting Cells, Rows, and Columns
Inserting Cells, Rows, and Columns
Using Undo and Redo
Moving Data
Copying Data

Completing a Workbook
Saving a Named Workbook
Saving the Workbook in HTML Format
Closing a Workbook
Exiting from Excel

Formatting Text
Adjusting Column Width
Clearing the Contents from a Cell
Applying Fonts
Aligning Data in Cells
Merging and Centering Cells
Rotating and Indenting Text
Adding Borders and Shading

Formulae and Functions
Creating Simple Formulae
Creating a Formula by Pointing
Using Functions
Using the AutoSum Button
Editing a Formula
Using Absolute References

Printing a Worksheet
Using Print Preview
Creating Headers and Footers
Removing Grid Lines
Printing a Selection
Using Print Areas
Printing Title

Inserting a Chart
Changing Chart Type
Formatting Charts
Chart Styles and Layouts
Changes to the Chart Source Data
Moving and Resizing Chart Objects
Deleting Chart Objects
Adding Data Series and Objects to a Chart
Printing Charts

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